Breast Cancer


Laura J. van't Veer, et al. "Gene Expression Profiling Predicts Clinical Outcome of Breast Cancer", Nature, 415:530-536, 2002

Raw Data:


Patients outcome prediction for breast cancer. The training data contains 78 patient samples, 34 of which are from patients who had developed distance metastases within 5 years (labelled as "relapse"), the rest 44 samples are from patients who remained healthy from the disease after their initial diagnosis for interval of at least 5 years (labelled as "non-relapse"). Correspondingly, there are 12 relapse and 7 non-relapse samples in the testing data set. The number of genes is 24481. We replaced "NaN" symbol in original ratio data with 100.0.


Our transformed .data and .names format files are available here.

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