Ovarian Cancer (NCI Q-Star Data)


Thomas P Conrads, et al. "Cancer diagnosis using proteomic patterns". Expert Rev. Mol. Diagn., 3(4):411-420, 2003

Raw Data:



The goal of this experiment is to identify proteomic patterns in serum that distinguish ovarian cancer from non-cancer. This study is significant to women who have a high risk of ovarian cancer due to family or personal history of cancer. Compared with PBSII proteomic data, the data obtained from ABI Hybrid Pulsar QqTOF instrument (Q-Star) were generated from a higher resolution mass spectrometer. The data provided here contains 216 samples, 121 cancer samples and 95 normal samples. The number of attributes is as many as 373,401. Thus, we have to split data into 10 files, each of them has around 37340 attributes.


Our transformed .data and .names format files are available here.

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