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Instructions for presenting your paper

Each paper is allocated with both a 15 minutes plenary talk in the technical programme and a poster in the poster session. There is a slot of 20 minutes for every talk, but this time includes presentation, questions and speaker switching as well.

The format of the conference tries to enforce its workshop nature. The poster session gives the opportunity to present the technical details that can not be addressed during the talk. For this reason we encourage you to focus the presentation on the backgroung and motivation of the work.

For the oral presentations we will set up in the lecture room a master laptop where you can download your presentation during one of the breaks before the corresponding session. The laptop will support PDF, OpenOffice and Powerpoint files. You must check that your presentation works OK. If you pretend to use your own laptop you must check the projection system before.

Presentation of a paper in a poster session

The poster session, taking place in a separate poster room, will allow you to give a more detailed description of your contribution, with technical results, and is meant for discussion in smaller groups. Each paper will have its poster session at the end of the same day as the plenary session assigned to that paper.

We will use boards where the available space for each poster is: width 95cm x height 112cm.

The workshop is hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Granada University, Spain.